The perfect boi: My wishlist

One of mine, and I am sure most people’s most-abiding Christmas memories, is the film Mary Poppins. I’m sure you’ll recall the scene but in case you don’t, here’s a link:

The song is called The Perfect Nanny. Now, obviously I’m not looking for a nanny (bit beyond that) but I am looking for a boi/sub/life partner or whatever comes along. So I thought I’d take a leaf out of Jane and Michael …. Bank’s book. Some words are borrowed, some words are new.

If you want this choice position 
Have a knowledge of slave positions
Rosy cheeks, front and back
Play games, all sorts
You must be smart, you must be witty
Very adorable and fairly pretty
Take us on adventures, give Me treats
Maybe sing songs, bring sweets
Always be brave, always strong
Take your punishment, all day long
Love Me as your Daddy and Dom
And never give me a hint of Brattishness
If I scold or Dominate you
You’ll take it as I’ve trained you
I won’t hurt your feelings
Just your behind
Nor will I betray you
Or poison your mind
Hurry boi!
Now don’t be late.
Come hither and enjoy your fate!

The Master.

PS – I don’t expect you to arrive on a flying umbrella or be practically perfect in every way. Just close to.
PPS – All credit and copyright go to (c) Walt Disney Company.