Your fantasy, any time: let your imagination run wild or let The Master do the work for you.
With His extensive imagination and creativity, the Master of Sin offers a host of different scenes. From the sensual to the sadistic and everything in between, Sir knows how to give subs and slaves the most exciting and challenging times possible.

Caging and Metalware

There is nothing more overwhelming than the realisation that you are locked in metal cuffs, chains or a slave set. There is no escape. There is no let-up. Moving the limbs is hard. Finding a comfortable position is impossible. Metal bondage, above all other forms of restraint, is unforgiving and totally inescapable.

Equipment: Parus heavy bondage irons, Clejuso max security cuff sets, TCH Police issue handcuffs, complete slave chain set with collar.


The smell. The feel. The blissful crack of thick leather as the belts of the cuffs tighten and the buckles are threaded. Leather is the Dom’s choice of wardrobe. Fear the Master that wears the leathers for he is in his most resourceful and commanding. Whether it’s licking The Master’s boots or resting your head on His leather covered groin, leather reinforces His role as your superior.

Equipment: Leather cuffs, leather straitjacket, leg sack, leather bondage belts, padded restraints, hoods and muzzles.


If leather is the Dom’s choice of dress, then rubber is the choice of perverts everywhere. Rubber acts as a protective skin for both parties and allows each and every sub and slave to enjoy themselves without mess or fuss. Equally intoxicating to inhale and to wear, rubber lets the wearer free themselves to be the full sub they wish to be.

Equipment: Rubber straitjacket, catsuits, shorts, surfsuits, neoprene, shirts, jeans, gas masks and hoods.

Bondage and Discipline

Almost every sub that He has every played with has endured more strenuous and challenging sensation because they have been restrained. Bondage and discipline go together like strawberries and cream, you can have one without the other, but both together tastes so much sweeter. The Master will make you braver because you won’t have any other options that to take whatever He doles out.

Equipment: Impact toys, restraints, belts, rope, metal, leather.

Domination and Submission

He is in charge, you are not. There is nothing more straightforward than that when subs or slaves come to see The Master than the reinforcement of these roles. You will kneel at His boots. He will take hold of you with His leather gloved hands. You will be grateful for His attentions. And this will confirm without doubt that He is your better and you are lucky to be in His presence.

Pup Play

Rapidly becoming a sub genre of its own, pup play can be one of the most rewarding of all forms of BDSM activity. From nurturing the pup to training and yes, sometimes punishing the pup, The Master is an expert handler of pups of all ages and sizes.


It is a great honour to be invited to taste the precious liquids of The Master. While not to everyone’s taste, for those subs and slaves that enjoy it, there can be nothing more exciting than to be restrained and forced to taste His juices. Whether restrained in the stocks or locked in a watersports hood, The Master is capable of using his liquids to remind His charges of their place.

Sensory Deprivation

In life, most of us rely on our senses to understand our world. All the more delicious then when The Master takes those senses away one at a time or even, all at one. Every touch, every breath, every word takes on an ever more spiritual-like significance when all the other senses are taken away. There are many means by which He can take the senses away and return them on His terms and in His time.

Equipment: Hoods, masks, total rubber enclosure and breath control devices.

Electro Stimulation

Electro stimulation enables The Master to pleasure and punish His victims in equal measure. From the intense experiences of ghost sexual sensations to the simulation of an unbearable electro-shock interrogation, He can get a great deal of power from his custom-made electrostim boxes. Sir can also employ a range of other electrical devices, including violet wands, shock toys, bug swatters and collars to extend and expand His Domination.

Equipment: ET312, remote estim box, violet wands.

Corporal Punishment

There are times even with The Master that He must show his control in a more physical manner. That’s when He will employ his considerable strength and sadism to dole out appropriate punishments. From flogging and whipping to caning from playful to judicial, The Master knows how to wield His weapons and exert physical control in every imaginable fashion.

Equipment: Whips, floggers, single tails, paddles, canes, crops and many other unique items of corporal punishment.

Teasing and Torture

When the sub or slave is well-behaved, The Master may well decide to reward them with an extended session of teasing and denial. It is entirely up to Him whether the sub or slave gets his reward. Sir has many methods for stimulating His subjects. 

Equipment: Doxy vibrator, Venus milking machine and many others.