The Citadel

Many Dominants try to incorporate their playspace into their homespace. That has a few benefits, but many drawbacks. There is little privacy and it is hard to realise your fantasies in amongst the piles of washing and the other detritus of the Dom’s everyday life.
In contemplating My premises move, I searched for something different. A place where all My clients’ wildest fantasies could be realised that also offered safety, security and a space where submissives can truly let go, away from the domestic and the distractions of everyday life.
Please come with Me as we enter The Citadel.


Impact toys


Items of high-end bondage furniture


Electric suspension hoists

Welcome to The Citadel

What is The Citadel?

The Citadel is My dungeon. It is housed in a converted barn that merges the rustic with the fantastic.

Covering over 1,000 square feet, the space is adorned with state-of-the-art, luxury bondage furniture and gear from the best brands in kink, including Mr S Leather, Fetters, Regulation, Blackstyle and many others. No expense has been spared in the delivery of an unforgettable fetish experience.

I am going to collar you now, and then take you on a guided tour.

Ground Floor

On the ground floor, the main space features dedicated areas for Bondage and Control, as well as Sensation Play and Corporal Punishment. There is also a place where submissives and slaves can dress in comfort and mentally prepare for their session with Me.

When you choose the best Dom, it is important to know that He also has the finest equipment and gear.

Scenes may start with you left hooded in full bondage… waiting.

Eventually, you will be carefully eased onto the thick, padded leather table. Your hands raised above your shoulders, locked into cuffs. Your ankles also locked into cuffs. Then the crank turns, gradually, slowly, deliberately. You feel the strain as every sinew of your body is tested and all at once, every one of your bondage fantasies start to come true.

Combination Dungeon

The Combination Dungeon is the ‘do everything’ piece of equipment. It can support any and every scene and in many playspaces, it is the only piece of equipment available.

An incredibly devious and flexible piece of fetish furniture, the Combination Dungeon incorporates an integrated stretching rack, puppy cage and overhead gantries for weights and suspension play.

At nearly three metres long, it dominates any spaces with its clear intent and many purposes. An additional extension bench also allows for spontaneous sensory play and corporal punishment.

It truly is one piece of furniture for any conceivable thing I might choose to do to an undeserving submissive, as he is restrained and then made to serve.

Bondage Chair

Every dungeon needs a Bondage Chair, and this is indisputably one of the finest. Part throne, part inescapable restraint experience, the chair can accommodate two subs at once.

As one submissive is tightly strapped into the chair with unforgiving yet comfortable leather straps, the other might find themselves belted into the head cage directly below the open hole.

Of course, if I am sitting on the chair, the results might be quite different.

Upright Bondage Frame

With welded eyelets for rope and a sturdy metal frame for securing any unruly submissive, the Upright Bondage Table enables Me to unleash My rope and bondage skills.

It is luxuriously padded in keeping with all My other equipment as you maintain a comfortable, yet secure standing position. If you have ever fantasised about being totally restrained, then this experience may be the one for you.

Inversion Table

With 15 separate padlocking restraints, the Inversion Table is fully inescapable and quite the all-round body experience.

It employs a leather body harness, similar to those employed on fighter jets, coupled with restraints for the rest of the body to create an extremely robust restraint system. As the name suggests, the rack comes into its own once the pin is removed and your world is literally turned upside down…

Adjustable St. Andrews Cross

Most crosses, while visually remarkable, tend to rapidly become impractical items of equipment for longer term bondage.

Whilst typical items force the arms to be suspended above the body, My cross is designed to enable the submissive to be restrained in an ‘arms-down’ position.

The cross can be adjusted to suit any height, preventing any discomfort throughout the duration of a scene.

Electric Winches

The Citadel features three electric winches to accommodate multi-sub scenes or complex full body suspension.

You may be encased in rubber or full leather bondage, or secured in my leather strap cage and displayed for My amusement.

I may even lock you in a cage and suspend the cage as you await your later fate. With suspension, the possibilities are unlimited.

Heavy Duty Punishment Bench

The Heavy Duty Punishment Bench is the perfect piece for exploring the kinds of hard scenes that require you to be strapped down and made helpless in preparation for more intense and challenging styles of play.

The cut out enables the head to be restrained providing a much more immersive bondage experience.

Straps at the wrists, upper arms, back and legs complete the setup.

Bondage Stool

An essential tool in My collection, the stool provides a comfortable and secure means by which I can access the back parts of the submissive.

Perfect for an exploratory session, the stool is robust, yet flexible for myriad uses.

The Pillory

Born out of the world of medieval justice, My stocks offer rigid metal bondage to support a wide variety of kneeling scenes.

Adjustable in height, it supports comfortable, longer term restraint than many other kinds of similar equipment.

Totally inescapable, the stocks remind the submissive that there can be no way out.