Enter into the Master's Domain and you will never want to leave
The Master of Sin’s chambers are located in a secluded and very private part of the Leicestershire countryside.

The complex includes a two-storey 1000 square foot barn equipped with exclusively high-end custom-made bondage furniture; a padded cell for asylum, solitary confinement and watersports; a medical room for advanced players of these particular games and a large jail cell with hidden tricks and deceptions.

The Citadel is based inside the private grounds of the Master’s main residence: a beautiful 5-bed country house with extensive grounds and ample on-site parking. This truly is the venue where any fantasy can be brought to reality.

The Citadel

The Dungeon is the jewel in the crown that we call ‘The Citadel’. Converted out of the shell of an enormous abandoned agricultural barn, it is the perfect venue to realise every imaginable high-end BDSM scene. Incorporating two storeys across 512 square feet, the Dungeon now houses a vast collection of the world’s finest dungeon equipment and bondage gear on offer.

Inside, you will discover the highest quality equipment and gear that forms the elements of a 1,500 item (and growing) kink ensemble that has been built up over 25 years. The Master’s private collection is available for your use as His sub and includes more than 200 implements for corporal punishment, over 100 hoods, 50 different types of gag as well as fetish clothing to fit almost every body shape and type. In essence, if it exists, chances are the Master possesses it.

The recently renovated dungeon is under constant development and is rapidly becoming one of the country’s most sought-after kink and private play party event spaces.

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The Cell

The Cell provides for a first-rate, intense and realistic imprisonment experience for submissives and slaves that wish to be placed in inescapable bondage in an inescapable location. Once you hear that inescapable clink of the door, you will know that He has you under His complete control. No relief. No mercy. No exit.

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