Playing with Master Atmydisposal: Advice for younger subs

Important: If you’ve been asked to read this blog before you play with Me, it’s because I’m looking forward to meeting you and I think we could have a strong connection. That said, I’d rather you don’t come and see Me if you can’t be bothered to read this post several times and fully grasp its contents.

One of my many proclivities isskye9 that I really enjoy playing with younger (18-25) year old guys for fun when I’m not seeing clients and on those rare occasions when I have spare time on my hands.

I’ve seen a number of younger guys/pups of late and for many reasons, while fun, the sessions have not always gone according to My plans.

Now, I’m not the kind of person to disappear into a deep well of introspection, but I find My writing often helps Me process what might be happening. In this case, I hope this post will help Me put in better plans and processes for playing with younger guys in the future.

Being a ‘slightly over 40’ year old, I can still remember how unsure of Myself skye8skyedoll1I often was at that age. Some memories still carry with it some pain, in fact, and not the nice kind.

Neither My personality, nor My fetishes were fully-formed and I didn’t really know what I wanted to be career or relationship-wise or for that matter, in the scene. Somebody once told Me something, which although only partially true did help Me in my earlier life. He said: “Remember what you knew at age 21, that’s the right stuff. People will then spend the rest of your life telling you that you are wrong. Ignore them.”

This piece of sage advice only really came to mind after three successive sessions with younger guys that while fun in parts really didn’t inspire Me in the way other sessions have. That’s a problem for Me, because, you know, being mid-life I half has as much life to live as you guys do. Frankly for that reason alone, you’re all bastards. But bitterness aside (sic), back to my post.

I am at that age (read: middle age) where the personality is pretty much baked in. I’m not going to change what I like – either in or out of the scene – nor am I going to change My expectations of what I expect from subs and slaves. So that really just leaves those young guys to reflect and change how they play.

skye1_punishmentI recognise that if you don’t know yourself all that well, it’s going to be hard to adjust your approach to enjoy playing with an experienced guy like Me, but you can at least try.

Questions to ask yourself before you come to see Me
So here are a few things to consider before you request a session with Me.

1.    What do you really want to achieve out of a session with Master Atmydisposal? Are you seeking a Daddy, a tough unforgiving Master, a sexual Top, someone you can experiment with or something else? Take some time to think about this, please. I’ve played with hundreds of guys at all ages, so I know what I enjoy. While I’m an unabashed sexual sadist, I enjoy a tender kiss and a hug just like the next guy.skye1

2.    What do you want a scene to contain? I get that you want to experiment and hopefully we can do that together, but if there’s a total disconnect, you really are wasting My time and yours. If you want someone to give you an ‘aggressive cuddle’, just say so. If you want to ‘try everything’, please be realistic. I have over 700 items of gear in My collection, no one is ever going to get to try everything. Also, if you just want a quick blow job or to be wanked off, please go somewhere else.

3.    What are your real limits? Be honest; don’t be over-brave. So many younger guys announce proudly to Me that they have no limits and will do anything. Of course, they are being led by their ever-hard cocks. Now, I’ve heard this a million times before and it’s rarely – if ever – true, but in the hunt for the perfect slave, I can get drawn into going along with this on occasion and it often leads to disappointment. It’s far more honest to say what your limits are and what you are comfortable doing REALLY, I mean REALLY. If there are any things you know you really do not want to do (oral sex, swallowing, rimming, pain, etc) please tell Me in advance. It’s not appropriate to withhold information because you are worried you won’t be invited to My playrooms; it will only lead to disappointment for us both. Ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Are you into one particular fetish more than others?
  • What kind of porn do you most enjoy?
  • Do you like pain and if so, to what levels?
  • Is being tied up the extent of your fetish?
  • Does anything scare you?
  • Am I out of your depth as an experienced player at this moment in time?

4.    Do youalex-and-skye-1r research. There was a time – yes, before the internet – when you had to go into a sex shop (or your local newsagent) and pick up a porn magazine and hand over hard cash before you could enjoy your own personal fetish. Today, it’s there, it’s everywhere and it’s ripe for the taking. So DO YOUR RESEARCH. I’m too busy to do your thinking for you, so go have some fun and see which kinks arouse you the most, then tell Me about them. If you can’t be bothered to do the work, I really can’t be bothered to see you, sorry.

5.    Check out my sites. If you like anything on my tumblr blog, which is, or the content on My website, the chances are we should get along in a scene. Don’t worry if anything is beyond your current limits, that’s to be expected. But if you look at My sites and feel physically ill or just not turned-on, we’re almost certainly not compatible.

6.    I’m not your therapist, but that’s not the same as saying I don’t care. I’m actually on the fence about point 6 Myself, but I mention it here because while I have a background in psychology, I really don’t have time to get into the life story of every sub I see. So my advice, if kink is important to you and if you want to see Me, please get your head sorted first. This may sound callous, but I play with younger guys for pure fun and amusement as well as something nice to look at it. The last thing I want is to pick up the pieces of your ‘broken’ life. That’s not to say I don’t care; more that I’m not best placed to help. So please, if you’re in any doubt go talk to someone professionally to get you in the right frame of mind.

There are people slightly older than you that have to pay to see Me, so you should count yourself lucky that I offer free sessions for anyone under 25. I’m therefore going to make it a requirement that people have read this post inside-out and back-to-front before booking a session with Me. I’ll probably also refine and change it as My insights into playing with younger guys gets more honed. So take the time to read the above and if you’re serious about seeing Me, let’s chat about this post too.


Last edited: 27/09/16