The Master has been amassing his collection of kink and fetish equipment for more than twenty years. He now has one of the most extensive portfolios of perversities on the planet. Of course, a truly intense and exciting BDSM scene requires more than just equipment. Be in no doubt: the combination of the Master’s creativity and ingenious approach together with His high-end gear promises an experience like no other.
On this page, He shares some of His most luxurious and unusual items.


Items of gear


Electro boxes


Hoods and Muzzles

How extensive is the Master's gear collection?

The Master has amassed His gear collection over 23 years. Amounting to some 1,500+ items, the portfolio consists unusual, unique and rare items of equipment to support any kind of session or role-play scenario.

His collection has grown based on His desire to fulfil any kind of kink fantasy or idea. Built up over years of painstaking on- and off-line research, the Master’s portfolio encompasses all forms of bondage; total enclosure; corporal punishment; sensory deprivation and breath control; electrostimulation; metal bondage, vacuum and inflation as well as many other kinds of gear.

The Collection

On this page, the Master shares a rare insight into his extensive collection.

When combined with the Master’s creativity and experience, this equipment helps Him prepare for and execute the scenes that you have always dreamed and fantasised about.

This is just a tiny sampling of the Master’s gear collection. There are many other types of gear and scenarios that the Master can execute.

Please do get in touch to find out more.


No intense scene is complete without a collar. It is the quintessential item of BDSM gear.

Imbued with symbolism, the collar speaks to ownership and control in a way that no other item of fetish gear can. Many of the Master’s collars can be locked tight. Some can enforce posture or irritate, while others are a clear demonstration of submission. What every collar has in common, however, is significance.

When He collars a submissive or slave, the Master takes responsibility for the health, wellbeing and fantasy realisation for maybe an hour, a day or even a lifetime.

The Master has collars to suit every type of scenario – lockable and tight or soft and subtle.


Not all straitjackets are created equally.

When you are looking for the ultimate in restriction and comfort, you can do no better than a leather straitjacket. Lined inside and out with the finest quality hide, the Master’s heavy duty leather straitjacket complements any scene. With an ingenious strap system, the submissive can be strapped into it with the arms folded in the traditional manner, or with the arms down using a set of additional pinion straps.

The leather lined straitjacket is one of the Master’s most significant kink investments and it has earned its place in His collection many times over, such is the versatility and intensity of this item of gear.

In addition to the leather-lined jacket, the Master also has rubber straitjackets that provide a more sensual bondage experience for the latex and total body enclosure enthusiast.

Rubber jackets provide the perfect external accompaniment to a latex catsuit or outfit, which can also be found in the Master’s extensive fetish clothing collection.


The sleepsack is the go-to item of gear for long-term bondage scenarios.

Comfortable, yet intense, when coupled with a substantial leather or rubber hood, you can be in another world of sensory deprivation.

The sleepsack enables the submissive to drift off into subspace, tightly restrained with no ability to move unless the Master so desires.

At the Citadel, we have sleepsacks made of high-grade leather, canvas and rubber.

There is the option of an inflatable rubber sleepsack to further extend the submissive’s disconnection from the world.

Some sleepsacks can also be used for suspension scenes.

Suspension Strap Cage

The strap cage is part suspension rack and part thick leather cage.

Modelled on the Chinese finger puzzle, the cage is tall enough to accommodate any height submissive, and as the cage rises, the straps gather and tightly grip the victim’s body and face.

There are few more restrictive experiences than a cage that can adjust its tightness the higher it travels.

Hoods, Muzzles and Headtrips

For those submissives that have the confidence to wear one, the hood is one of the fastest ways to get into subspace.

Like flicking a switch on the ‘real world’, once the hood is laced into position and the padlock is locked, there is little the victim can do to change their fate.

The Master has a vast collection of hoods made in leather and rubber and each hood in His collection serves a different purpose.

From sensory deprivation and liquid play to muzzles and systems, each hood denies the submissive contact with the outside world for as long as He wishes it.

Vacuum and Inflatable

The vac bed is a delightfully intense and restrictive experience that every avowed rubberist should experience at least once in their kink careers.

Once the sub has spent significant amounts of time in a vacuum, the return to reality can sometimes feel like a rebirth. The experience of being touched through a thick layer of rubber is quite extraordinary.

The vac cube is a different kind of sensory experience. The sub is not able to lie down, which opens up access to a variety of body parts.

Another extraordinary feeling can be achieved from being forced into the life-size inflatable ball. With only a gas mask to protect the airway, this is a hot (in both sense of the word) experience that can best be equated to ‘womb-like’ sensory deprivation and ‘rebirth’ .

Metal Bondage

From turn of the century handcuffs to slave chain sets and heavy metal restraints to the metal stocks, the Master offers a whole host of medieval and modern metal restriction.

These devices include scold’s bridle, solid metal headtrips and heavy metal cuffs and equipment. Some of the items are unique and exclusive to the Master’s collection.

Pin Prick Bondage

If you want intense and safe, there can be no better equipment than pin prick leather bondage.

The Master has built a collection of pin prick items that irritate but do not pierce the skin.

Anchored by one of His most surprising, challenging and devilish sensation experiences, the inflatable pin prick jock, the Master can also secure a submissive in a collection of pin prick restraints.

The agony-ecstasy effect of pin pricks is truly an experience to behold.

Domestic Servitude

For those submissives that wish to take their service to an entirely different level, you can be made to the serve the Master in his home and dungeon, The Citadel.

You can also be locked into a humiliator gag system that enables the sub to tackle the Master’s domestic chores.

Attachments include ashtrays, cleaning/toilet/boot brushes, toilet roll holders and even bulldog clips for when the Master is working in His office.