Fees & Tributes

There are many ways to honour your Master
Book by the hour, day, weekend or even longer. Here, you will find details of session options, the Master’s tributes as well as details of His financial and remote domination services. Bookmark this page for promotions, seasonal surprises and unique experiences.

Book by the hour

The Master is available to book by the hour for the rate listed (right). While this is not the most cost efficient way of seeing Him, it offers an introduction to His Domination.

Any session takes time to set-up, so the Master does ask that subs or slaves make a minimum commitment of two hours.

The time that He makes available for your session does not include any pre-scene negotiation or post-scene aftercare. You will receive the full amount of play you booked.

BOOKING FORM: To book by the hour, please complete the booking form, here

£180 per hour

Book by the day

Booking the Master for a day is a good way to experience his Mastery over an extended period of time. This can include an overnight stay in the cell in full bondage, (but does not have to), for those subs or slaves to whom overnight incarceration is an appealing idea.

When booking a day, you will receive at least nine hours of play with recovery breaks.

While the day will be customised around your requirements, a typical day normally consists of three separate three-hour scenes.

This excludes any time spent of pre-scene negotiation or post-scene aftercare.

Day sessions usually start at 10am and end by around 9pm to 10pm with breaks for meals and refreshments in between.

Should you decide to stay in the cell overnight, you will be set free at 8am.

BOOKING FORM: To book by the day, please complete the booking form, here

£850 per day

Book By the weekend

Booking the Master for a full weekend ramps up the intensity to unprecedented and orgiastic levels. Entire role-play scenarios can build up gradually over the course of the weekend. Should you have the desire, the Master and you can remain in role throughout the entire time.

Weekend sessions can either consist of experiencing many of His 800 items of fetish gear and equipment or can also be employed to realize a specific fantasy scenario. These may include a kidnap, prison, interrogation, hospital, mental asylum or any other role-play or fantasy scenario you can dream up. Weekends are unrushed, well-paced and fantastic fun. They really are the premium play experiences with plenty of time to connect with the Master and realize every dark and twisted fantasy you and He can conceive. Weekends typically begin at between 4pm and 6pm on Friday (although a later start is possible to accommodate work commitments and travel) and ends at the same time on Sunday.

You are also welcome to come along with a kinky friend or partner for your weekend where you can both sleep in bondage in the Master’s cell together or separately in cages and cells.

While each day will be customised around your requirements and can be one long scene, a typical full weekend normally consists of one three-hour scene on Friday, three three-hour scenes on Saturday and two three-hour scenes on Sunday.

High quality meals and refreshments will be provided throughout, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than your play experience.

BOOKING FORM: To book by the weekend, please complete the booking form, here

£1500 per weekend

Book a stay in the cell

The Cell experience offers a great value combination of play and an overnight in a custom-built inescapable and cramped cell.

With over 15 fixed attachment points covering the walls of the cell, it can support every imaginable bondage position. Be chained or tied to the walls or held in a fixed position for a prolonged period of time overnight.

The cell can provide a comfortable, albeit restless place to spend the night or be an unforgiving hole with no comfort whatsoever.

The choice is really up to you, your tolerances and your ability to combat the inevitable sleep deprivation and arousal that results from having your freedom taken away.

The experience also includes up to six hours of play. You can either take this all before your night’s ‘sleep’ or spread it out as one evening session and one morning session.

But be warned, facing the Master and His sadism the morning after a restless and horny night in the cell can be more than some subs or slaves can bear.

BOOKING FORM: To book a Cell experience, please complete the booking form, here

£700 – one night only

Book for an extended stay

For some subs and slaves, neither a day, nor a weekend is enough play with the Master. That is why He has decided to make his services available for as long as the victim desires – beginning January 2017. Special rates will be available for serious submissives that wish to experience long-term total power exchange and the full gamut of experiences BDSM has to offer. By prior arrangement, full week or longer scenarios and sessions are possible.

WANT A LONGER STAY? Please write respectfully to the Master to enquire about these extended experiences by email to atyourdisposal@btinternet.com or call Him on +44 7572 467707.

Special rates
available for 3+ days

Tribute the Master with gifts

For those subs and slaves that prefer to offer a gift to their Master rather than (or as well as) pay a fee, he has developed an extensive list of items that he would like to add to his collection below.

If you do wish to tribute any of the items on this list, please contact the Master first by email to atyourdisposal@btinternet.com or call him on +44 7572 467707, so that you can gather the relevant sizing or specifications-related information before you place the order.

Any sub or slave that chooses to tribute the Master will have the items purchased used on them in a special scene.

Master Atmydisposal’s Tribute List – End November 2016

You can download the Master’s latest tribute list in various formats below.

Excel Spreadsheet: mastertributes_nov16
PDF Document: mastertributes_nov16

Submit to the Master's Financial Domination

As well as honouring him with tributes such as those contained in his latest tribute list, the Master is also fully willing and able to deprive you of your financial means.  For details of how to become a financial slave to the Master, please email him atyourdisposal@btinternet.com or call him on +44 7572 467707.

The Master will speak with you at length to ensure you know exactly what it is you are undertaking, then provide you with a secure and safe means of providing him with the financial domination you so sorely desire.

WANT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY? Such scenes are serious and real – be in no doubt. The Master will deprive you of all of your finances if that is what you truly desire.

Are you seeking remote or web/video based Domination?

The Master has limited spaces for regular phone/web/video domination. This can be booked in advance and is chargeable by the session.

While not as good as being face-to-face with Himself, the Master has a silky yet unforgiving voice that can make you bend to His will even in the privacy of your own home. Various options are available for regular remote Domination sessions by scheduled phone call, web or video chat. Various options and platforms are available.

WANT TO BE CONTROLLED AT DISTANCE? For further details on the Master’s remote Domination services, please email him atyourdisposal@btinternet.com or call him on +44 7572 467707.