The Cell

A truly intense, incarceration and bondage experience
The Cell is a brand new experience at the Atmydisposal playrooms. Subs and slaves can now stay overnight tightly chained, manacled or tied to over 15 different attachment points inside the Cell.


Feet Long


Attachment points


Way out

High security incarceration and bondage

Rope, metal, rubber and leather bondage all in one intimidating space


The door to The Cell is constructed of thick box steel. It’s the portal to a whole world of imprisonment fantasy realisation. With a industrial-strength lock, and a handle only on the outside as well as a feeding hole just large enough for a meal tray or handcuffs, The Cell door would be at home in any max security prison.
It is a reminder that there is no escape from The Cell. Once you’re locked in, only your captor can let you out.

Perfect for Punishment

With ample room for multiple subs or slaves and many separate attachment points all around The Cell, it is the perfect place for all kinds of imprisonment, interrogation, isolation and punishment scenes.
Big enough to swing a crop, yet compact enough to restrict the prisoner’s movements, The Cell creates tension, expectation and sometimes even fear in the people that face its torments.


Whether you’re in manacles, a straitjacket in rubber or leather, or even a full slave chain set, The Cell sets the scene for solitary confinement and isolation. For safety and Sir’s amusement, The Cell is also monitored 24/7 by high resolution cameras that can be accessible anywhere in the world via mobile device or phone.
While you may feel it, in The Cell, you are never alone.