Main Playroom

The heart of Master's Domain
The Playroom is the beating heart of the Master’s Domain. With high end furniture and over 500 items of fetish gear hanging off chains around all the walls, it is the single best stocked fetish playroom in the South East of England.


Impact toys


Items of high-end bondage furniture


Electric suspension hoists

Fantasy realisation without limits

A 360 degree space for play at every level


With its 100s of items of high quality fetish gear, toys and furniture, the Main Playroom can help Sir make any fantasy come true. From sleepsacks to straitjackets and winches to whips, the Main Playroom is stocked with the highest quality and best made fetish equipment available on the market today. This enables Master Atmydisposal to fulfil every one of his subs and slaves fantasies.


The heady smells of rubber and leather are enough to give many of the Master’s subs and slaves an instant erection. When a boy enters the Main Playroom, he quickly realises that he is in for an intense and exciting time. Whether the sub is strapped down to the bench or tied up on the cross, no one enters the room and leaves it feeling the same.

Unparalleled experience

The Main Playroom is an extension to the Master’s Domination. Every tool of his trade is instantly accessible. Every instrument of teasing and torture is within arms length. The room enables the Master’s sadism and supports the Dom’s desires.
Every imaginable act of Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission as well as Sadism and Masochism has taken place in the Main Playroom.