Enter into The Master's Domain and you will never want to leave Him
There are multiple experiences at Master Atmydisposal’s home. In fact, you might say the He lives in a playhouse. Below you will see links and a brief description of His two main play areas: Main Playroom and The Cell. Over time, we will add additional playspaces and experiences.

Main Playroom

The Main Playspace is the jewel in the crown of His Domain. With over 500 items of high quality fetish equipment, bondage gear and toys of every imaginable description, Sir can realise practically any fantasy that takes his fancy. Not only is the Main Playroom well equipped, it is also accommodates a wide variety of different scenes and play styles.

Visit the Main Playroom

The Cell

The Cell provides for a first-rate, intense and realistic imprisonment experience for submissives and slaves that wish to be placed in inescapable bondage in an inescapable location. Once you hear that inescapable clink of the solid steel door, you will know that He has you under His complete control. No relief. No mercy. No exit.

Visit the The Cell