Don’t be afraid: I don’t bite (unless you want Me to)

While I sometimes watch people nervously hovering around my front door, in reality one of the hardest barriers to visiting a professional male Dominant is mental rather than physical.

The idea can carry with it a whole gamut of emotions from embarrassment and shame to a giddy excitement that finally, all your fantasies are going to be realised by someone that really knows what they are doing.

S and Me 2The giddy excitement part of the spectrum is probably far less exciting – if genuinely flattering to Me – than say the more negative emotions at play in some subs, so for now let me focus there.

The ‘embarrassment and shame’ end of the spectrum tends to arise from a feeling that subs and slaves should be able to get their needs met from the ‘free’ world of instant hook-ups and online fetish sites.

I have thought long and hard about this and while I can fully empathise with that perspective, I simply don’t share it. Let me tell you why.

While I can’t speak for other professional male Dominants, with me, seeing a Dominant is manifestly an entirely different prospect for many different reasons:

  • I customize the content of the scene to suit the desires and fantasies of the clients without jeopardizing the integrity of the Dominant/sub dynamic that lies at the heart of the fetish community.
  • I will also dedicate all My time and focus to the sub or slave in front of Me, which means that unless the scene requires the sub to be ignored, I will be laser-focused on the sub/slave/client’s needs.
  • When I’m in session with many of my subs and slaves, I tend to take on a role of teacher and therapist. I recognize that this could appear somewhat patronizing, but experience has taught Me that many people come to My chambers to exercise their kinks and exorcise some of their demons.
  • I spend a great deal of time ahead of sessions getting to know each of my clients. That also includes everything from face-to-face coffees (if they’re close enough), long-term message exchanges and late-night phone calls.
  • Aside from how I conduct myself before a scene, I also pay special attention to cleanliness and safety concerns.

Having worked in the corporate world for the best part of 20 years, I made a conscious decision to apply the same professional disciplines to how I am with my Pro-Dom clients when I started. So you can be rest-assured that when you go the pro route, you won’t just have the equivalent of a free session, you’ll have a much more exciting, engaging and memorable time than almost any amateur Dom could provide. Arrogant? Perhaps. True? Most definitely.