Time for a name change: Goodbye Atmydisposal, hello Master of Sin

Sometimes in life, you can just be too clever. When I came up with the name Master Atmydisposal, that was exactly one of those times. As someone who has worked in Marketing and Consulting for many years, you would think I’d have learned My lesson. Sadly not. I still committed the cardinal sin (pun intended) of creating a brand that was so clever, you needed a set of instructions to get it.

In My head, it made sense. Everyone is Atmydisposal because I am the Master. They write to Me (courteously) via atyourdisposal. Simple, right? Nope. Add Master to Atmydisposal and you actually flip the meaning. Suddenly, I become a Service Top at the disposal of any sub that comes by. Whoops. So I start to call Myself just Atmydisposal. Try getting that heard against the loud backdrop of industrial techno at a Recon event, bloody impossible. A name only works if you’re not embarrassed to say it out in public. I was. Once I thought about it, I became pretty aggrieved by My own branding incompetence. In fact one of My most regular boys (read partner), rather amusingly (if also irritatingly) described it as Master Waste Disposal. It had to go.

However, in a bid not to make the same mistake twice (cos that would be just retarded), I have thought a lot about a replacement name that has long term meaning for Me and builds on what was already there. There was no way to keep any of the Atmydisposal bit, so instead, I focused on what I am about. Yesterday, during a session in the new Dungeon, the Client said: “Sir, you are so good at operating at the meeting point between pain and pleasure” and it confirmed for Me one thing… What I do is frankly sinful. It’s evil because it can hurt (sometimes) and wonderful because it gives just as much pleasure to the person on the receiving end. Isn’t that the definition of a sin: pleasure and pain with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It doesn’t make the world a better place, solve world hunger or anything even vaguely laudable or altruistic; it’s just fun for fun’s sake.

So, Master of Sin was born.

As you can see, I retained the straitjacketed figure and did some work on the type as well as putting the whole thing in a more modern looking circle. I’ve changed twitter and recon already and I’m in the middle of changing this site. Not so easy when you haven’t got the time to move the entire site over to a new domain and you have an established following you don’t wish to lose.

But at the risk of being boring on the subject, I want people to know that I am still the same Dom albeit with much improved Chambers and yes, a new name.

Let all the kinky marketers of the world rejoice. Or maybe not.

-Master of Sin (formerly Master Waste Disposal, sorry Atmydisposal).