It’s Christmas time: Want to spend it with The Master?

I have decided that for the first time ever, I am going to offer My entire Christmas period to one lucky sub, slave or couple/small group. Christmas can be a miserable time if you don’t have family. But why should it be? I am offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience to one or a group of people that just don’t fancy yet another vanilla Christmas.

Of course, the same staples of over-indulgence will be present as will the alcohol. But in contrast with every other Christmas you may have experienced, it won’t be the bells that are jingling but the chains, keys and padlocks as I tighten every lock and close every cuff on your bondage over a prolonged period. This is an experiment for Me and I am trying something new, so I have set the dates as 23 to 26 December, but if you prefer a shorter time, say Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, let Me know. I would be happy to review the pricing accordingly.

Ever watched the Christmas Movie in full bondage. Well shouldn’t you try it at least once?
All the food will come care of Waitrose and Marks and Spencer, so high quality fayre.

I’ve created a flyer (see below) but the best way to discover everything I have planned is to complete the booking form, here

I will come back to you with further details about the experience and all the kinky twists I have in store.

It’ll be fun and festive, if fierce and perhaps a little sadistic. I hope to see you in My playrooms so that I can wrap and unwrap you at My will.