I am your Alpha and your Superior.
I am the thing you most fear, yet secretly crave.
I am the Man you aspire to serve.
I am the pathway to your desires and the means to your fulfilment.

I am your Master, are you ready to atone for your sins?

It's time for you to be punished.

A Dominant like no other

The Master of Sin is a lifestyle, professional gay Dominant.

He is always seeking paying clients that wish to be tested, challenged and pushed to their current limits and perhaps, beyond.

The Master specialises in challenging and intelligent scenes that take the subs and slaves he plays with to the edge of their limits but never beyond them. The people that play with Atmydisposal feel great pride in what they have endured – whether mentally, physically or both.

Sir does not need to raise his voice. He does not need to wield His many implements of punishment and correction. A simple stare into His cold, blue eyes tells any sub or slave that He is NEVER to be trifled with.

Master's Rates

There are many ways and means by which submissives and slaves can spend time serving the Master. For a detailed breakdown of all the options, further information on the benefits of each kind of session and other ways in which to show devotion to Him, click here to view His Fees and Tributes page.

Prison B&B


  • Up to 6 hours play
  • 8 hours jail
  • Sleep in bondage
  • High security isolation
  • Real prison BDSM
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Day Rate


  • 9+ hours play
  • Pre-scene negotiation
  • Post-scene aftercare
  • Overnight in cell/cage
  • Mind-blowing scenes
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  • 18+ hours play
  • Pre-scene negotiation
  • Post-scene aftercare
  • Two nights in cell/cage
  • Immersive/role-play
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Hourly Rate


  • Minimum of 2 hours
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Want to know more about The Master?

All you need to do is message Him via this website using the button on the right. Other means to contact Him appear on every page at the top and bottom. But please do not waste His time: Sir abhor timewasters.

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Bondage and Discipline
Experience freedom and a total lack of control in The Master’s many items of metal, leather, rope and rubber bondage.
Domination and Submission
Put yourself at The Master’s mercy as He controls your every thought and move.
Sadism and Masochism
Kneel at His feet as Sir teases and tortures you for His own sadistic amusement.

A true gay male Dominant

The Master of Sin is a lifestyle Dominant with a deep passion for every kind of scene and experience. He is expert at inflicting pleasure on the subs, slaves and pigs that can afford Him and are lucky enough to be in His presence.



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